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Air Freight

When Time Is Critical!

In the demanding business of air freight, the size of a forwarding agency is not the determining factor but rather the contacts and the expertise of the staff. Peter Rathmann & Co. provides both. The Hamburg forwarding agent co-operates with recognised scheduled and charter companies.

Peter Rathmann & Co. quickly, safely and reliably gets industrial and consumer goods as well as project cargo into the air – as SKD (Semi Knocked Down) or CKD (Completely Knocked Down) assemblies to assure lower customs charges, door-to-door, as express freight, worldwide.

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Sea Freight

Experts For Far-away Countries

In the sea freight business, Peter Rathmann & Co. stands for reliable and economical transport solutions. Using a network of well-known carriers, the logistics experts work out the most cost-efficient route for your shipment – port-to-port or door-to-door.

Peter Rathmann & Co. organises imports from all of the well-established ports in the Far East - as Full Container Loads (FCL), LCL – Less than Full Container Loads or by means of their own consolidated container service (LCL).

Sea transport from the Indian subcontinent is a tradition at Rathmann & Co. In particular, the import of carpets has been a part of the logistics experts’ daily work since the founding of the company.

For exports of out-of-gauge and project cargo, break bulk as well as consolidated cargo – the Rathmann Team guarantees you smooth processing. Peter Rathmann & Co. has special know-how and long-standing contacts at its command regarding the shipment of their own consolidated transports to Colombia and Canada.

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Road And Rail Transport

For An Optimal Relationship

Transport should not only be quick and reliable, but also economical and environmentally sound. That’s why Peter Rathmann & Co. not only develops logistics solutions for road and rail but also as combined traffic. In this way, the Hamburg forwarding agent achieves an optimal relationship between cost and performance for your transports and, furthermore, an optimised CO2 footprint of your goods.

In regard to road transport, Peter Rathmann & Co. specialises in project cargo: the teams of experts find the optimal solution for every weight and size. In doing so, fast and safe preparation and follow-up handling are also taken care of.

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Logistics And Commissioning

Based In All Of Europe

As a full service provider, Peter Rathmann & Co. does not only provide customised transport solutions – for well-organised storage logistics, but also goods commissioning, which is just as important.

Peter Rathmann & Co. organises interim storage for you in the main European ports of entry, including Hamburg, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Koper, Felixstowe and Valencia – short-term, for longer periods, bonded or non-bonded. For this, the experts place a lot of value on security. In this way, particularly high-quality goods are housed in security storage. The Hamburg forwarding agency disposes of a corresponding network and the necessary know-how.

The Rathmann team also secures that your goods in storage gain in value. The appropriate storage facility is just as important as the commissioning, new packing, labelling and the distribution of your goods.

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Customs Clearance

Overcome Boundaries With Peter Rathmann & Co.

Peter Rathmann & Co. is your competent partner for processing all of the customs formalities in import and export, for transit and in warehouses. Using state-of-the-art, IT-supported customs procedures, the Hamburg forwarding agency guarantees fast and reliable processing.

External customs brokers become redundant for you as Peter Rathmann & Co. takes over this task for you – at all important border crossings in inland customs offices, seaports and airports and, for time-critical transports, even at the weekends. Fiscal customs clearance in the main European ports is an area of expertise of the logistics provider. Here, you can take advantage of liquidity benefits as VAT does not have to be provided in advance.

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Play It Safe With Peter Rathmann & Co.

Peter Rathmann & Co. assures that your goods are in safe hands. Nevertheless, the transport of goods always involves a degree of risk. The loading, unloading, reloading, transporting on road or rail, over water and in the air can take a toll on the transport packing. As a full-service provider, Peter Rathannn & Co. assists you with insurance matters and protects you from those things on which no influence can be made.

Peter Rathmann & Co. is pleased to advise you. In doing so, the logistics providers fall back on a network of various insurance providers and search for the safest and, at the same time, most economical offers.

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Special Services

Knowhow For Special Requirements

Solar Panels

We Provide For Energy

Peter Rathmann & Co. develops complex logistical solutions for the transport of solar panels for you. The freight forwarders bring the sensitive goods from their country of manufacture, China, directly to the solar parks in all of Europe.

Just-in-time to the solar fields directly or ready-to-plug-in to the operating company – the high level of flexibility and service quality of the Rathmann team makes it possible.

Solar panels are expensive goods which should be housed in safe storage. As a full-service provider, the traditional Hamburg company does not only organise transport routes, but arranges for safe storage and for the appropriate insurance.

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Replacement Parts

To Ensure Reliable Manufacturing

The stoppage and breakdown of manufacturing processes quickly lead to high costs. This being the situation, reliable replacement part logistics is worth its weight in gold. The teams of experts at Peter Rathmann & Co. dispose of valuable experience in this area.

The freight forwarders transport, for example, replacement parts used for Canadian mines by air freight to America.

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Promotional Goods

On The Shelf On Time

Promotional goods have to be placed in large quantity, in many locations, at the same time, punctually on the shelves of the main chain stores. As a full service provider, Peter Rathmann & Co. has the necessary expertise for this complex task.

Just-in-time distribution using the combination of different means of transport, routing through several ports or logistics centres – the Rathmann team arranges for the adherence to your tight time frame. Moreover, the logistics experts dispose of extensive storage capacities, look after task-specific product handling and reliable commissioning.

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Heavy Load Transport

Freight Of Size

According to the motto „bigger, heavier, further“, many projects have taken on their own dimensions. Peter Rathmann & Co. organises the corresponding heavy load and special services.

Whether shipping a complete factory to Asia or transporting over-sized dredge shovels to North America, the most important factors are the expertise of the staff and having the right contacts at the location. The Rathmann freight forwarders are not only well-acquainted with the local contact partners, laws and regulations, they also coordinate all of the processes of the loading of goods, storage and transport.

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Air Charter

For Your Own Flight Plan

If it really has to be quick: Peter Rathmann & Co. will charter aircraft for you and will use regional airports in order to assure the shortest possible route to your destination. In this way, the Rathmann team will create your own flight plan for you.

The Hamburg freight forwarders are specialised in the means of transport for over-sized goods and urgent replacement parts. They do not only worry about getting your goods in the air, but they also sort out the preparation and follow-up handling.

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A Tight Interwoven Connection

Since the formation of the company, Peter Rathmann & Co. has had a particular area of specialisation: the transport and the handling of high-quality oriental carpets. In addition to specialised store customers, Rathmann’s clients have predominantly been furniture chain stores and purchasing associations. The carpets come from India, China, Nepal and Pakistan. For over 50 years, the Hamburg freight forwarders have been acquainted with these countries and know this area of business extremely well. They are familiar with the particular challenges. For instance, the carpets must often be loaded or unloaded by hand with utmost care. And, tariff classification requires particular skills: the freight forwarder must always know exactly whether the transported carpets are, e.g., knotted or woven, hand or machine made and whether they are made of wool, silk or synthetic materials.

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Precision And Punctuality

With Peter Rathmann & Co., Personal Contact Is What Counts

For over 60 years, the logistics company, Peter Rathmann & Co., has organized transport solutions in Europe, Asia and America from their company's headquarters in Hamburg's Centre City. Not only does precision and accuracy characterize the working style of the Rathmann team of approx. 25 staff, but also the vital importance of personal contact, especially in this complex logistic world of today.

Precision And Punctuality

With Peter Rathmann & Co., Personal Contact Is What Counts

Today, the operational business of Peter Rathmann & Co. is dealt by the Managing Directors, Andreas Ehrhorn and Jan Schulz. Together with their team of experienced logistics experts, the company provides customized transport solutions as well as extensive additional services - whether it be air freight, sea freight, road cargo or combined rail services, warehouse/storage logistics, commissioning, customs clearance or insurance: Peter Rathmann & Co. will take care of it. Whether it be sensitive goods, project cargo of any dimension or time-critical transport, the logistics specialists are always capable of finding a quick, economical and qualitative solution.

Precision And Punctuality

With Peter Rathmann & Co., Personal Contact Is What Counts

This traditional Hamburg company was founded in 1961 by Peter Rathmann and named "Peter Rathmann International Spedition".

The company's first focal point was the import of premium oriental carpets. Up until today, the company is still active in this field of business plus many more.